The Nazareth Project

The Mainline Protestant Church has FAILED to minister to the youth of the world, serving only 5% of the youth population on average.

The Nazareth Project exists to guide a spiritual awakening in the 95% of youth who have been ignored by the church.

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    Michael Omar Harrington

    Protestant Pastor and Youth Ministry Advocate

    Who am I?

    I believe the mainline protestant church is called to create space and agency for this generation, and claim them for the church. I have been a youth advocate and advocacy trainer since 1972, am a published author and journalist, with an MDiv from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. My gift is to navigate the chaos of this generation, and mediate a space where the church does make a difference for youth.

    What will you learn?

    • How to bring in and engage with youth outside of the church
    • How to see your neighborhood youth as your parish's responsibility
    • How to make space for and properly resource a trained youth missioner